Michael Krause

VP Marketing, Sales & Innovation

Mondia Media

Mondia Media is a leading company in distribution and management of digital entertainment content and in accordance with high standards for prospective partners. The Mondia Media Voucher satisfies these requirements and for Mondia Media it is a right decision to have more and more high-quality technologies in the company's portfolio, such as e-books, wrappers, mobile couponing and much more. All these products developed by
Mobile Offers Group GmbH are now distributed worldwide.

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We quickly and easily create and deploy cost effective campaigns We create and deliver customized coupons and vouchers to consumers' mobile phone based on the specific needs of the brand or retailer. Target specific consumers to help increase campaign effectiveness and reduce overall costs. Modify programs, on the fly, to increase program effectiveness and/or modify consumer participation. We find a solution for your company's entry into the market of the future:
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